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“When I was about 10 years old I was having a sleep over party in my family room with my best friend.  It was late and we were giggling and trying to fall asleep, listening to the sounds of the house.  Suddenly, we heard what could only have been a horrible monster.  We were sure that it was coming right towards us.  We were so scared, we clung to each other.  

We were on the first floor of my parent's house which was designed with a cutout balcony in the center of the house, a parental spying device, as my sister and my bedrooms were just below our parents on the first floor.  My friend and I holding onto each other for dear life, finally decided to be brave enough to peak around the wall to see if we could see the terrifying source of the sound.  The shadows played games with our young, impressionable imaginations and we quickly retreated,  certain that the monster hadn't seen us and that we might be able to stay alive if only we could stay hidden.  My friend contemplated calling her parents and going home.

To make a long story short, the monster in question that kept us awake half the night was my father's snores ricocheting down from the balcony, and causing two young friends to feel we were living in a real nightmare.  He didn't snore often or all the time, which is why I immediately assumed "monster" rather than dad.  I think I was so afraid that I never even mentioned it to my parents, thinking I was just lucky to have survived the experience.  My friend didn't want to sleep over again for a looooong time.”

Chicago, IL

“Dear Ms Rothstein,

I liked the story My Daddy Snores. Does your dad snore? My dad snores like a chainsaw. My favorite part was when the daddy started sleep talking.”

Age 6
Middletown, NY

“We are empty nesters, so have no little ones in the house. I wanted to share with you a miraculous happening....a good friend told me about putting an air filter machine in her Dad's room to help freshen the air. It made the air fresher in his room and seemed to quiet his snoring. Well, on the brink of moving to another bedroom so I could get some sleep I bought one. I cannot begin to tell you what a difference it has made. He still cannot sleep on his back.

I do not know if it is the ‘white noise’ or what but I am so indebted to my friend for my being able to stay in the ‘Master's bedroom.’”

Mechanicsville, VA

“Kudos on your great site and excellent children's book!
The more awareness grows about how snoring can be a red flag for a dangerous sleeping disorder, the more lives will be saved.  Helping youngsters' parents understand more about OSA and how it is treated is handled nicely by the information links you have on your website.  Thank you again for promoting more awareness of sleep apnea through the book and through your website.”

Sincerely yours,

“My snoring probably affects my girlfriend and anyone in an adjacent room more severely than it does to me...especially if they don't get to sleep before I do. Even if they do go to bed before I do, I've been known to wake others up due to the sheer loudness of my snore, which I've been told has a rich bass effect to it. Turning me over, propping more pillows under my head--even tapping me constantly--will not prevent a snore-free night from my loved one and suite-mates. They may be able to stop me for 10 seconds, but like clockwork, they'll hear my buzz saw music of the night.”

Chicago, Ilinois

“When I snore it's the apocalypse.  It has always been a point of contention with not only my friends but with my girlfriend of two and half years.  At times she will wake me up in the middle of the night because I am unknowingly keeping her from sleep.  She works eleven hours a day as a nanny so sleep is not only important to her its necessary.  If I wake her up she will either loose sleep or send me to the guest bedroom and I will sleep the rest of the night alone.  I am pretty sure that I have sleep apnea and I know that if I do not loose some weight that the strain that this is putting on my heart may have dire effects.  I just want to be able to sleep the whole night with the woman that I love.  I hope that you can help me with my apocalyptic snoring.”

Trout Valley, Illinois

“My wife gets absolutely no sleep when I am in the bed.  It has become a problem so bad that I have moved to the other bedroom so we can both sleep.  We have been married for 11 years and struggled with this since day one.  I have considered many options but I have no right choice at this point.  I have not done any sleep studies or anything but I am willing.  We will be willing to share our story with you and whoever for the help that we need….She wears earplugs when we hotel together, if that tells you anything.

Please help, I want back in the bed!”

Memphis TN

“My sleep lab has not done follow up, and what you say is interesting about how the CPAP often needs adjustment. And I absolutely cannot fall asleep with my CPAP without taking Ambien. Also, my doctor was up front about saying he is on Ambien's payroll. He still insists that it's not addictive. Maybe I should schedule a follow up sleep study at another center.”

New York, NY

“Sleep Apnea has been the bete noir of my seven-year marriage.  Normally I would receive a nudge from my wife about 3:00 a.m. with instructions to vacate the marital bed and spend the rest of the night in the spare bedroom.  If we had houseguests, the exile venue was the living room sofa.  But no longer.  In a single session, my dentist diagnosed my condition and fitted my mouth with an oral airway dilator, a device I now wear during sleep that, according to my wife, has eliminated completely all snoring sound. 

Moreover, my dentist tells me that the act of moving forward my lower jaw and thereby avoiding the collapse of my breathing airway that hitherto occurred with sleep, is likely to lower my blood pressure and could add as much as "ten-to-fifteen years" to my life span.  What a miracle!”
Arthur, New Jersey

“A few apnea sufferers don’t snore at all. During my long search for the correct diagnosis of my chronic fatigue, not one doctor ever asked me if I snored, and yes, it really was ‘loud and legendary.’”

Lynn, Melbourne, Australia